The DAELIM motorcycle monopoly started a good 45 years ago from an industrial city of one of the most prosperous countries in the world Korea. The DAELIM Group of Industries started out this venture in 1962 from Gyeongsangam-do. The overall objective of the company
was to infuse into the market a quality driven fleet of vehicles that would surpass the expectations of the masses as well as increase the driving force within the competitors searching for a niche in the motorcycle business. The Korean manufactures had put forth years of research, development and experience before introducing to the market any motorcycle or scooter. The management at the DAELIM head quarters was very adamant in their approach regarding the overall product. Quality and superior user experience were to be the driving forces that were to create differentiators in the market. and this specific management initiative has paid dividends to the stock holders
and has been the detrimental factor in the exponential increase and demand of the DAELIM motorcycle line up.

The workmanship of each DAELIM motorcycle line up is crafted by the best of the Korean engineers and orchestrated into a fruitful
business model by motivated and direction driven Korean leaders. Much has changed since the inception of this company into the motorcycle industry. The quality initiative became an immediate hit and masses realized the difference between DAELIM motorcycles
and the competitors. Within a few years, the gap between competitors and the DAELIM motorcycle became evident.

One of the most pertinent factors that play a pivotal part in the overall success of DAELIM motorcycle line up is their extensive and Dedicated Research and Development center. The Dedicated Research and Development center proved to be the harbinger for all the success stories of almost all the different types of motorcycles that have hit the industry. The department is dedicated in ensuring that all customer requirements are met with exceptional quality. Emphasis is put on the quality design work. Most of the engineering is done by evaluating different kinds of die casting material that can be shaped and formulated into cool and aerodynamic forms. The die casting material and the manufacturing testing associated with such materials allows the company to select a strong and effective part or even parts for the motorcycle. The company puts forth large amounts of financial assistance to the research department to continue work in the fields of honing and improving all different parts of the motorcycle including head lights all the way to hub caps.

The superior in-house capabilities of evaluating different alloys, revving up engines and strengthening the user experience all are the results of a research center par excellence. Many of the techniques used in manufacturing models have come from various engineering practices around the world. The commitment to superior products has allowed this motorcycle company to venture out of Korea and demonstrate its prowess in other parts of the world. The west became an immediate fan of the different models and shapes of the motorcycles. Majority of users are city dwellers that require a small vehicle that can take them from one place to another without the hassle of finding parking spaces that can fit their SUV?s. the motorcycles are packed with service offerings and yet succinctly equipped to meet the requirements of all sorts of commuters.

Not only have the sales increased but also the manpower behind driving the success of the company. The research center has also grown exponentially and now is facilitated in more than 3 large building complexes with the most sophisticated engineering tools and manufacturing processes.

Altino was the first motorcycle that the research and development institute brought to the market. it took the entire market by storm.
After 3 years of dedication, commitment to the excellence in motorcycle products, the company was able to fathom the requirements and instill in the product an immediate liking. There are hardly any other motorcycle models that have gotten such an immediate response
from the masses.

DAELIM Corporation made another breakthrough in 2002 by introducing the Major ATS which was a combination of sleek engineering and off road functionality. This type of motorcycle catered to the business type motorcycle class.

As the market segment grew, the DAELIM corporation started introducing different types of motorcycles for all different types of classes. There were motorcycles catering to the young college graduates all the way to the older community that did not require the fast speed of two wheel performances. The DAELIM Corporation is now a house hold mane due to its encouraging line up in the market.