DAELIM Motor Company (DMC) is the scooter specialist manufacturing company. DMC is primarily a subsidiary of the DAELIM Group
of industries situated in the United States of America. The DAELIM Group of Industries is a South Korean motor cycle and ATV
manufacturing giant that has become not only one of the top 5 scooter manufactures in the world but a house hold name to the millions of customers who enjoy two wheel or ATV transport. Based in Gyeongsangnam-do, with production facilities in Changwon,
the company produces over 300,000 vehicles a year for domestic use and for worldwide export. It started production in 1962 to cater
to the need and demand of fast, reliable and safe transportation on two wheels. The company was able to immediately pick up on
the traffic requirement of speedy, safe and fun vehicles for millions of users that are bound within city limits and can not afford
the pricy cars and the high insurance premium associated with the vehicle. Let alone the parking hassle of parking larger vehicles. Precise, accurate, and reliable two wheel transportation was the requirement of the daily commuters of city life. This specific market segment never had the option of low priced, exceptional quality vehicles before. The Korean DAELIM Corporation changed all of that and rose to the occasion as the leading scooter manufacture in the South Asian peninsula. The DMC Company however was initially established in 1978 by the parent company with a merger with Kia Motors. Just within a short span of time, the company succeeded
in establishing international footing.

The company has now expanded exponentially with different mergers and subsidiaries all across the world. DMC distributors can be found all over the world catering to the city life commuters. Other models that have been recently manufactured have gone beyond
the requirement phase and has matured into fun and exciting supplementary vehicles. The primal vision of the company has always been to completely satisfy customer requirements regarding two wheel transportation functionality. The company places an extensive amount in research and development of their products. This management directive has been an extremely successful business and profitable decision for the company. A plethora of scooters have come out of the assembly line catering to the different market requirements.

The dedication and commitment of producing exceptional two wheel transportation to the market masses has cemented DAELIM as one of the leading scooter manufactures around the globe. The product as well as the service offering after purchasing the product
is certainly a unique user experience. The Company prides itself in its quality of engineering staff, effective marketing specialists
and keen business leaders that are always on the road understanding the ongoing requirements of the end users. Without a detailed understanding of the requirements of the users and ensuring the products measure exclusively well with the requirements, DAELIM would not be at the position it is in the market. As the company hones processes, procedures and manufacturing timelines,
the products are not only becoming more versatile but customer centric.

The engineering excellence of the company stems from assembling scooters that differentiate themselves by their features and engine quality. An extensive amount of die casting parts are used in the assembly line that ensure quality is maintained and
optimized with the upcoming product line ups. The in-house superior quality of Korean engineering has become the true hallmark
of the company’s international success. This attribute alone adds considerably to Korea’s foreign currency acquisition.

One of the major engineering success stories is the development and manufacturing of the 100 cc motorcycle in the early 1990’s. It took an aggressive three years of engineering excellence and thorough testing of all components of the product to finally release
the Altino powered motorcycle. Interestingly enough the hard work, dedication and commitment immediately paid off a few months
after the successful launch of the first product of the company. Even management could not fathom its success. The primal difference was the immediate recognition of the Altino motorcycle being far superior in engineering, quality and durability than its fierce
competitors. This unique differentiator was immediately understood by the motorcycle enthusiasts that started the revolution of mass production of all the different types of scooters from this company. During the three years of testing, extensive parts originating from different die casting companies were testing rigorously to maintain the quality of the product as envisioned by the management. All different die casting materials were used ranging from zinc material to top quality aluminum. The rigorous testing was able to produce a comprehensive list of parts that could outpace the competitors and prove to be substantially superior in performance.

It was in 1997 that the company started migrating from the 100 cc models to the more advanced and superior horse power models.
The Trans Up 125 cc models were now the talk of the market and produced similar results. The overall excellence of the product was the aero dynamics of the body. This again was due to extensive research of how different die products blended into the quality
measurement of the company.

One of the greatest success stories of this company was the Delfino that changed the very perception of the scooter industry. The 100 cc scooter was not only unique in design but was able to win the hearts of thousands of devoted scooter fans by its superior and light weight performance on the roads. The entire parts ranging from headlight to the sliver dashboards all stemmed from superior die casting techniques. The quality of the parts also ensured a more robust and safe drive for the drivers. The scooters facilitated luggage and even different peripherals keeping in mind safety of the driver. The other primal differentiator of this scooter giant is the after sales activity and customer centric experience. Customers have easy access to tech support online and via the different
distribution channels. Replacement warranties and quality of dealerships prove to be the difference in the market. Almost all of the DAELIM products have a 2 year warranty.